People’s expectations around accessing public health services digitally doesn’t include an error-404-deadend. So, how do we ensure public expectations are met

“You shall not pass” said the error on the web page

As someone who uses websites and apps, errors are something I barely think about. Errors are like that corner of a city people often pass through but rarely remember. This is despite ‘404 page not found’ being one of the most common webpage people encounter. …

This is co-authored by Henry Cookson (User Research) and Tosin Balogun (Interaction Design), both user centred design (UCD) trainees who worked on the service manual team at NHS Digital.

An image of the NHS design system library which can be accessed on
A photo of the NHS design system front page. Visit:

A design system is a library where disassembled parts of a website or a mobile app are stored. This allows teams to assemble a website or mobile app quickly and consistently, with the goal being to save time, effort and money.

When the NHS design system was created, it was…

Tosin Balogun

I’m learning my place in the world and how to make it better. Currently working at NHS Digital as a UX Designer

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