• Matt Tyas

    Matt Tyas

    Service and interaction design. Product, team management and front-end engineering. matt.tyas.fyi

  • Emma Parnell

    Emma Parnell

    Contract specialist in user research, service design and brand development. designforjoy.co.uk Previously @wearesnook, @nhsdigital, @wearewithyou.

  • Talitha Ferreira

    Talitha Ferreira

    Product Designer, UX lover, tech enthusiast 👩🏽‍💻

  • Emily Pela

    Emily Pela

    UX Designer | I’m interested in empathetic problem solving through design | London

  • Kathryn Grace

    Kathryn Grace

    Service Design & User Research Consultant/Coach. Brilliant at getting people together/ leading Jams - Design Learning Events. Started @GSJLeeds in 2011…

  • Jamie Carter

    Jamie Carter

    Self-confessed UI & UX addict. Frontend developer, Vue advocate, CSS & TailwindCSS obsessive. Twitter: @jamiecarter7. I’m also a Pharmacist.

  • Bharat Sharma

    Bharat Sharma

  • Henry Cookson

    Henry Cookson

    User Centred Design, NHS Digital

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